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    I recently was trying out syncing with songbird, but for some reason songbird erases any mp3 files in any folder. So I lost all of the ringtones that are on the pre by default.

    That wasn't really a big deal, but my problem is I don't have a sound alert for new emails which is starting to bug me some.

    Is the original sound for an email alert in the ringtones folder? And if it is, does anyone know the correct file name for it? I'm assuming if I just put a different file in that folder with the correct name it should use that. I'm really not sure though.

    Thanks for any help.
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    Go into email app --> tap top left corner to bring the drop menu --> select "Preferences and Accounts" --> tap the account you need to 'edit' ---> you should then see a section that says 'New Message" tap 'ringtone' and select system sound for the stock sound. Select 'ringtone' to use a custom one in your ringtone folder

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