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    Hey pre fans:

    I have seen the super thread with regard to and 1.4.
    is the one for us coming? Can i install the patch for


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    no any idea?
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    You should try following this thread

    EDIT:All the overclock kernels in the above thread work on all pre's and pre plus's whether GSM or some other type, BUT USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!!! The devs who created this have stated if you fry your phone, it ain't their problem!!!

    EDIT2:As caj2008 and unixpsycho have stated:

    Disclaimer: This doesnt work on Pixi-dont even try please. Use only on Pre brands. This patch (optimized kernel patch script) should be only installed with an absolutely clean OS and is intended only for use with WebOS1.40 and/or WebOS1.4.1.1. Do not use on any other OS version or you may may frakk your Pre. You must read and abide to all the below guidelines. This may shorten the lifetime of your cpu so be forwarned and to due so will be at your own risk. Use of this software may result in the potential voiding of your warranty.
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    yes the works on 1.4.1 one of the developers is yeah
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    This is the Page for all Palm Pre overclock patches from the Developer site:

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    id like to know whats happen with the links in super prekernel guide when i follow the links it says that the file is restringed any idea??
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    I think, you must wrote 10 posts in this forum to see the links.
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    has development for a patch for 1.4.2 begun, or has that info not yet been released?
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    yes please update us guys...
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    Me too! Me too! Me too!

    Has development for the UltraSpeed 1200 MHz CPU PreScale Extravaganza 2000 for firmware already started or should I just read the different overclocking threads on this forum and get informed, before I start saying dumb stuff?
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