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    I have 780 apps in the App Catalog, but when trying to download any of the paid apps the following happens:
    "Payment setup" I press Continue
    Prompted for Palm Profile password, enter it and continue
    Verify Email adress, I press OK
    I get a blank "Add Credit Card" screen where I can't do anything (see attachment)

    I know other people having problems with the Palm Profile and paid apps, but I haven't read anyone experiencing this problem.

    Any ideas?

    I am on a o2 UK Pre with RSC in Sweden.
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    it's already good that u can see paid apps, cause being in an unofficial country u shouldn't see any.
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    Yes, as I also wrote back to ur message in the other thread, Palm seems to have the idea to allow access to paid apps also in unofficial countries, at least some. but apparently they say devs are not willing to deal with (i don't know which) legal constraints or eventual problems of this sort...
    Really I am not sure what the legal problem should be, but i think is possible each country here in EU still has a specific software protection law and therefore some constraints may have to be checked for before selling apps.
    I am wondering how apple catalog works on this respect, as i always thought some devs are the same on every platform, so they should be pretty ready also with respect to legal issues.
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    However, just by incident, Sweden doesn't even appear in the this is another weird thing we see that tomoqv has payment option there. probably on the other side it also explains why the option is unusable.
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    It doesn't sound harsh to me tomi666. We all put here what we know and try to share positions, infos and ideas.

    What u didn't get is that in this case i am not giving my opinion on this and i am just not negative at all. I am just telling the info i get from Palm support on the expected behavior of the app catalog. Information that is in contrast here and there with urs, even though coming from the same source.
    And honestly, i don't think we are children that get discouraged, we are loyal users who like the phone and try every tweak to make it work better. but we shouldn't for this hide negative news, if they come from the source.

    Btw, was i wrote is not even such a bad and discouraging news, it just states that Palm is ready but devs are not. So it's like with free apps, Palm was ready to give full access to them, but devs were apparently choosing to limit the distribution of their apps. Is this discouraging? I wouldn't say so...instead it clarifies a bit some weird things we see and may have seen in time.
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    To be even more precise.
    Yes, if the account has been activated before on a proper official carrier then the app catalog is supposed to work properly.
    However, would u be satisfied to get spanish apps? I wouldn't even though i speak good spanish what I really care is to be able to make a choice among apps in whatever language, not among language specific apps. Language is a must maybe for local apps, but shouldn't be a general limit i would like in my catolog just cause the phone was activated in Spain the first time.
    so we go back, probably, to the point i was trying to underline, that is: if Palm allows more countries in payment option, if the app catalog is ready for broader paid apps distribution, why do we get such treatment from devs? I am ok with any choices one can make on its own products, but isn't it weird that this problem seems so strong with webos? Or was this all happening also on all other platforms?
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    my reaction on here doesn't preclude u know all the rest of my reactions about this topic in the other threads. We are discussing this problem in other places too, so u know what i mean.

    tomoqv: just in case u got disappointed for my reaction, sorry, it was not meant to be my statement but palm info from their support service.
    If ur phone was activated in an official country and carrier, u should apparently see the paid apps too.

    tomi666, i am not in sweden. and to be of some help to the topic can it be that rebelsim only affects the procedure to get paid apps if the phones comes locked? we have german unlocked least i have one of these, and u too is it right?
    can it be that only a pre phisically activated in official country on official network gains the correct rights to access the catalog? cause if it's the first activation that matters, then there is no sense in asking if it's now the rebelsim to do the trick, it was just the first activation, most probably.
    as i told in the other thread (just to clarify) when i had even no free apps when i bought my pre, i was told from palm to go re-activate the phone with an o2 sim in germany and then go back to my carrier in my country. that would have solved my problem, they said. otherwise, i had to wait for palm to do some tricks more in their updates and for devs to finally open their minds and set their apps as available also in my country.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tomi666 View Post
    Your point is clear; you've stated it time and again

    You're turning every thread about AppCat problems and possible solutions into a discussion what Palm does, should do or should not do. This is the last I've said about it.
    Yes, but if it's devs choice, what shall we do then? if ur phone was activated in Spain and u would get access to spanish paid apps, would u be satisfied?
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    I have German unlocked GSM Palm Pre, and im not living in Europe! and i can see all apps(Free and Paid apps). and i was able to use my brother German Credit card to buy apps with no problems.

    Did you doctored your Pre or just upgraded from 1.4 to 1.4.1?
    if you dont want to doctored your Pre, you can download the 1.4.1 webdoctor and then extract the Palm App catalog from it and install it to your Pre using WOSQI command line. this may fix the app catalog if it was a problem.
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    By the way i want to confirm what tomi666 said regarding activated Palm Pre's.

    I got my O2 unlocked Palm Pre as a Gift from my brother from Germany, and once he purchased it he power it on and activated it on O2 by Creating a palm Profile and test it for few days to make sure it has no problems to return then he repackage it and gift it to me when he visit home.
    i have no single problem scince first day regarding Palm App Catalog even that i live and activated my pre now in an unofficial country, i webdoctored my Pre every single update and create Palm Profile from scratch with no single problem regarding Palm App Catalog. Palm treated my Pre as i in Germany, and all apps availabe to DE i can download and purchase in Euro's.

    Iam lucky to have my Pre activated on an official Network

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