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    I noticed this when I first bought the pre at launch but than thought they fixed it but just noticed this is the issue...

    When your adding multiple recipients and their names for example may be long, the screen doesn't move with it so once you may only get to like 12 names, and need to add 8 more, when you click contacts you can barely see the list anymore....AGH this drives me insane....

    Also we use to be able to have unlimited recipients thats now been limited to 20 again...

    I LOVEE Palm to death and WEBOS is the ish....but its LITTLE attention to detail and the fact its been about a year and they still don't fix the most basic of things such as this, character count, timestamps, and many of the things we all post on here, WE SHOULD NOT have to make patches, and at least if we do than palm should be smart enough to include that on its updates..

    Sorry had to vent god it gets frustrating
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    if you use the sms/email emoticons app in the app catalog you can setup groups and fix what you are describing

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