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    I'd love a wishlist feature in the App Catalog. Someplace to keep a list of apps you're considering, so you can easily keep an eye on the ratings or price or progress.

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    Was thinking just the same thing myself... Anybody have that link for making suggestions to Palm?
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    I love the idea! I've been wishing for a patch or app for my "contacts". My last phone was the TREO 755p. When I looked up something on Google Maps, I had the option "Save To Contacts" which I miss on my PRE. That would be on the top of my wishlist.
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    Ya, I'm going to submit the request via their feedback page. Don't kniw if it will do any good, but a wishlist is a VERY handy feature on any online shopping experience.

    Here's what I submitted:

    Along with the Buy button for an application, would like anl button to add to a wishlist instead. You could view your wishlist from a link on the main catalog page. This would allow us to keep tabs on apps we may be intersted in, but just want to follow the progress of or pricing of. Perhaps even notifications when an app in our wishlist is updated in any way.
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