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    I've had my pre past the original 30 days... I was okay with the oreo effect, the occasional double type/missed key, and even glitches and freezes. One thing I can't live with is my keyboard spontaneously dying... over the last 5 days it's happened at least a half a dozen times and the ONLY fix is a battery pull... Luna, device, and power off/on restarts do not remedy the problem.

    In a pinch I use virtual keyboard till I have the time to do a battery pull, but it's quite the annoyance.

    All that said, how hard is it going to be to get a VZW rep to give me a new pre under the 1 year manufacturer's warranty?
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    I called last night and got them to send me a new one because my power button stopped working. (got jammed or something) It was not all that difficult, but the rep I got seemed to know almost nothing about the phone.
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    I can't be without my phone for even a day, I plan to vist a store tomorrow... Wll that be easier or more difficult?
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    Going to bump this. Didn't hit the store on the 8th, but mom is going in to get a pre+ tomorrow for free and wants me to go along. Dare I ask them to replace mine because of the keyboard issues?

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