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    so my Sprint Pre is sitting on the touchstone just doing its thing when I look down to an alert and it says its updating the PRL. I've done a PRL update manually, but Ive never seen it update itself. Cool I guess.

    The only reason Im wondering if this is is normal or not is because one night recently it decided to lose its entire palm profile untouched overnight on the touchstone.
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    I recently (within the last few weeks) had an automatic PRL update. Never seen it before.
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    I'm almost never connected to a data network, so I never get an automated one.. I really just update it myself when I actually connect to Ev-Do.
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    I got the same thing a day or two ago too.
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    happened to me about a minute ago. that's actually why i came on here.
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    Just happened to me too...I have never seen that before.
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    I got an automatic PRL update just after midnight a few days ago, but it wasn't the first time I'd gotten an auto update. I'd seen it do that at least once before. Perhaps Sprint sends them out to area phones when there's an update in that area? I don't know, but it is nice that it happens!
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    Yeah i heard the same thing that sprint sometimes forces the prl update
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    hmm I never got one, just the update for sprint. Anything good about a PRL update? I use the unthrottle download cap patch, would this affect this is anyway if I were to see a notification?
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    A PRL update updates the towers your phone uses for roaming. I believe "PRL" stands for "Preferred Roaming List" (or something to that effect).

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