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    Well I just wanted to let everyone know that I absolutely love my palm pre, and anyone who is considering one take the leap and get one. Monday, 6 hours from home, my car broke down. I called AAA but could not tell them my location because I didn't know. I was able to load google maps and get my exact location. The tow truck then didn't know where the place was that we were towing to. I, once again, was able to use google maps to direct us to the mechanic shop. I'm not sure why people complain about the battery life. The only thing I can figure out is is that it is people who've never owned a smartphone. I think the battery life is very normal for this type of phone and the charging time is super fast. I love the keyboard, and yes the letters tend to stick, but it sure does beat all the spelling mistakes I had with my pearl and its keyboard. My only wishes for the phone is an onscreen keyboard...well that is really my only wish. I can't wait to stop all this traveling, go home and really get to play with all the awesome features of this phone.
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    Nice story. It's funny how we got alone without all this stuff only a few years ago.
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    glad to hear it.

    I don't mind the keyboard either. I think people just don't like to take the time to adapt to it. we all grow accustomed to what we use, rather than giving it a once-over and then deciding. Is it the greatest? Absolutely not but fine by me.

    Now, sell your friends/family on it and we'll have more webOS users lol
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    True. Charging is super fast.
    In-between classes I charge my phone and it takes like less than an hour to get it from 20% to 100%.
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    As far as battery life.. the frequency and number of email accounts seems to be a big impact. I had 4 accounts hooked in and they were orig set to deliver as items arrive. As a test I changed them all to manual and it seemed to really prolong batt life.. not saying thats the best way to use the phone but if you know you are gonna be out all day and dont need instant emails it may be worth pondering.
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    Good to hear! I heard there have been some issues with Verizon's GPS so I'm glad everything was working.

    So where you like, "let me look that up on my Palm Pre Plus!"? Haha that's how I can be...I often sound like I'm pitching one product or another lol.
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    it's a real shame this phonee has been pushed aside. I think the wireless companies are to blame because they think everyone needs a droid or blackberry.
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    oh yeah I was so excited. I told the aaa lady and the tow truck man all about it.
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    That sounds like a script for a Palm Pre commercial, you should pitch it to palm.

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