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    I am deciding between the nexus one and the palm pre plus. The major decision making point is how nice videos and pictures (esp. high resolution pics) look on the screens. The nexus one suppose to have a really nice screen. So what's the vid/pic quality on the palm pre plus?

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    both screens are shrp enough. Nexus is a little bigger and higher resolution . But it ant a pre. Go pre!
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    If all you want is a really nice screen that is larger, buy the Nexus One. A smartphone is not for you.
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    I don't care about size, just clarity/sharpness. I have gone through many electronic devices (mostly laptops), all with different screen qualities and I just don't want to go through another bad screen device. All I simply want is a screen where dark scenes are sharp and stand out (if that makes any sense) and colors aren't washed out.
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    I think there's actually an issue with nexus one screens being washed out. Am I remembering that right
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    Cnet did a comparsion and the pre was #2 and a few ahead of the Nexus. The drrroid had it beat though...

    I know thing for sure and that is that the pre plus screen is a helluva lot better then my old LG Dare.
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    Yeah apparently the Pre has a top-knotch screen for its size.

    However, I wouldn't say it's the best device for watching videos. I'd prefer a larger screen with more resolution and similar colors.
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    just get the nexus one...... sorry pre fans. im a pre man myself but.... just get the nexus one and call it a day
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    Cnet actually rated top smartphone screens a little while ago. You might be surprised by the results. Bigger isn't always better. Personally, I'm stunned by the quality of the pre's screen. I'm the kind of person who loves eye candy, and it's just as sharp as can be. That said...I'm probably moving to android for other reasons, but I absolutely love the Pre and WebOS.

    Battle Royale: Five smartphone screens face off | Dialed In - CNET Blogs

    EDIT: Haha, I didn't read this thread before posting the link. I just saw the topic and thought it was relevant. Sorry to all those who posted the same info above me!!
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    The Pre's screen is so vivid. I'm not sure about the Nexus One, but the Pre's screen is amazingly beautiful. Sometimes I look at it and wonder how the hell is it so beautiful? It's so vivid and so full of color that it's amazing.
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    From Cnet:

    HTC Nexus One by Google

    The Nexus One achieved an incredible contrast ratio, afforded by its extremely low black level. This low black level is a result of HTC and Google's decision to go with an OLED-based screen, instead of a traditional, LED-based screen. However, instead of delivering accurate, natural colors, the Nexus One oversaturates them, resulting in glaring color tint problems and inaccurate color reproduction. For example, red could possibly be confused with orange on the Nexus One. Also, false contouring is apparent in the Mars photo, lending evidence to a lack of 24-bit color support, and the phone's extreme outdoor reflectance makes it difficult to operate on sunny days. Though some may prefer the screen's ability to make colors pop in games and its high contrast ratio, don't expect any natural color reproduction.

    Palm Pre Plus

    The Palm Pre Plus was one of the best performers we tested, coming in right behind our overall best performer, the Droid. The Pre Plus' color was accurate and fuller than the iPhone's and not oversaturated like the Behold II and Nexus One. The color isn't as accurate as the Droid's, but it did show that it's capable of displaying 24-bit color. Its level of backlight clouding was the second highest, next to the iPhone, but it produced the least amount of diffuse reflection of any phone.
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    I'll add that the Pre has the best screen I've ever seen in direct sunlight, and I live in SoCal. I can walk out at noon under a perfectly clear sky and read my Pre like I'm inside.
    So that's another huge difference between the Pre and the Nexus One--OLED is absolutely horrible in direct light.
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