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    Was listening to Pandora Radio, music hung, Pre started to re-boot, then re-booted again and it has been constant re-booting for the last hour or so. It will not even turn off.... just reboot after reboot. Any suggestions?
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    remove battery for 5 minutes
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    thanks.. will give it a try.
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    nope.... still re-booting when I turned it back on. Any other ideas?
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    Use webOS Doctor on it. That appears to the the only solution I can think of.

    Hold the Volume Up button, maybe you can catch it in one of its reboot cycles and it'll go into USB mode for you to use webOS Doctor.
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    Computer will not recognize phone now.. it did earlier before all of this happened. Heading to Verizon...Thanks.
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    Good luck. Were you at least able to get it into USB mode? I always have to reboot my PC when I need to connect it to my phone. That novacom driver never gets fully purged until I do a reboot on Windows 7.
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    I had a coworker with a different phone but it did the exact same thing, just kept rebooting. Her's had had a short in it so Sprint replaced it.
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    Back from Verizon with a new phone... did the same thing for them, startup-turnoff.... over and over.

    I just saw another post about the phone going offline... mine did that too, but didn't think about it then. I just thought I lost signal, because from there is where it all started.

    Thanks for everyone's help.
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    yikes! Sounds like another bug . I had this happen twice in the past week. I too was listening to Pandora. It's a pain in the ***! oh yeah, I do have the 800 patch but I don't think it is related to that. My phone is flawless except the Pandora reboot
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    I have'nt tried Pandora with the new phone and now not so sure that I wll..... i am new to the Palm phones... where do you get the patches?

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