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    So we have to restart the pre everytime we want to play a game or is there an easier way? maybe a luna restart?
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    download Jstop and run a garbage collect
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    Actually, the garbage collect feature doesn't always work to clear the issue for me, but I find that if I swipe away any leftover programs running in JStop, games play then. You don't have to worry about swiping away something like "phone" and having your phone suddenly not working - it will pop back up if it is part of the base system apps.
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    the phone will work. . . But incoming calls will have trouble coming through. . . For example if you have an incoming all you will see the ev or 3g icon disappears as it usually does when a call is incoming. . . But the actually message to pick up will never show up. .
    with this said I wouldn't recommend you swipe off things like calendar, messaging, email or phone as you might not get notifications after that.
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    you can do a luna restart with luna manager too...fixes the probelm 100% of the time!
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    I swipe Contacts and Messenger away and have no issues (contacts still come up when calls come in, and i still get IM's). If you swipe any of the 3 'Phone' items away, they just pop back up a few seconds later as they are automatically re-enabled and incoming calls aren't missed. I haven't checked if swiping 'Calendar' away causes alarms not to show... but for me, I'm doing this on the commute home, so by that time it isn't a big deal for me.

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