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    when i sync the movie to my pre and play it off the pre an eroor pops ups and it wont let me watch it does anyone know how tofix it?
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    What file type format did you transfer? Use Mpeg4. DVDFab will convert standard and Blu-Ray. It will also convert from the computer to mpeg4. In using the DVD to mobile program you can scale the file way down by controlling bit rate for both video and audio thus saving space too.
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    the file is mp4 and its from the digital copy that comes with a blue ray. It works when I play it on my pc but when I try and play it from my phone an error screen pops up and it won't let me watch it.
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    that's because of the DRM on those files
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    Yea, it's encoded with either iTunes FairPlay DRM, or Windows Media DRM, neither of wihcih will work on the Pre.

    Aside from stripping the DRM, which we really can't talk about because it's technically illegal, there is nothing you can do.

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