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    Ugh, I'm really beginning to hate this phone and Sprint. :/

    This is the third time my phone has bricked during a firmware update; the other two times, even WebOS doctor couldn't fix it. This time, however, I can't try that, as my music library is on my Pre. My laptop died this week, and I already lost most of my songs. If my Pre dies, too, that's a lot of music down the drain.

    I've already tried forcing the Pre into USB mode by holding the volume up key while booting, and Windows XP does recognize it. However, it refuses to show up as a disk. Then I tried it on my Mac, where it simply wouldn't mount. I reinstalled Novacom on both machines and have the latest WebOS Doctor installed as well. Is there anything else I can try?
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    Doctor your phone. you wont lose anything you have in your USB drive. Your phone is not bricked.

    Here's the link to get doctor. It reconfigures the firmware without actually deleting anything you have in your USB drive. So basically after you doctor, log into your palm profile and all your apps, contacts and calender will be backed up into your Pre
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    Wait, are you certain? I haven't been on these forums for a long time. If that's the case, things have changed! Thank you so much.

    EDIT: Really? Because to quote The Doc...
    This tool will reset your phone if it has stopped responding during a software update.

    This will take 15 minutes to an hour, depending on your battery level. You cannot use your phone during the reset process.

    After your phone is reset, log into your Palm profile. Any information that you've backed up to your Palm profile will be restored, including applications and contacts, calendar, and email accounts. You will have to manually restore music, videos, documents and other information.
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    Yes. Doctor doesnt touch your USB Drive. Im pretty certain about that. Never deleted mine and i've doctored about 15 times already. Palm also will inform you that it doesnt delete your USB drive.
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    yup the newer version of doctor doesn't delete the media portion of your pre anymore.

    BTW a bricked pre would be a pre that doesn't turn on at all.
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