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    My new pre just got here- hooray!

    Will my old BB storm charger work with it? plug looks same...
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    Yes it works. But it doesnt control the voltage will enough, so sometimes when you are charging the phone and also using it, you might just end up loosing battery % instead of gaining. The Pre charger accurately charges your phone and it does it fast too!..The BB charger charges your Pre slowly. Im telling you this from experience. I was using my BB charger because i screwed up my Pre charger, but all the above happened, so when i get a replacement Pre, i switched the chargers and sent the BB cord back to Palm
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    I wouldn't use it. From past threads discussing power issues, these devices are very finicky about the cable and adapter you use.
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    If it's a Micro-USB that puts out 1000mA then it should be fine.

    The plug portion might tell you what amperage the unit puts out. If it's 500mA or more, it will charge, but it will be very slow to charge unless it's 1000.
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    I've thrown mine on my roommate's BB charger a few times, worked just fine.

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