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    I went into Best Buy the other day just to poke around and check out all the mobile stuff... and I happened to notice that the price for the original Pre was nearly $200 ($749.99!!!) more than the Pre Plus ($599.99)... pictures attached.

    In addition, the prices for the competition were less than the Pre and Pre Plus as well.

    So, I'm wondering.. is Palm colluding with retailers to prevent them from purchasing an un-contracted or out of contract upgrade on the Sprint network? Charging almost $800 for a phone thats almost a year old, with a new model available for almost $200 less, on a different network?

    Something smells fishy...
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    I've never seen a pre at 749.99
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    Sprint phone pricing, in general, makes absolutely no sense to me. They talk plans in their ads all day, but they tend to charge the most (out of the door) while having a lineup that mostly lags competitors.

    Yet another barrier put in the way of retaining or adding customers.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sweetnessinfall View Post
    I've never seen a pre at 749.99
    Well now you have... go to your local Best Buy and take a look. I thought I was seeing things, or maybe thought the 7 was a 1.. I looked at it three times before it finally sunk in... its crazy.
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    That's just Best Buy's pricing and it essentially looks like they can charge whatever they want and never reduced the price. I can't imagine too many people have been clueless enough to buy one from them when there are so many other options.

    If you buy from Sprint at full price it's $549.
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    see wiki reference: (manufacturer's) suggested retail price ((M)SRP), list price or recommended retail price (RRP) of a product is the price the manufacturer recommends that the retailer sell it for. The intention was to help to standardize prices among locations. While some stores always sell at, or below, the suggested retail price, others do so only when items are on sale or closeout.

    I don't know Best Buy's policies, but I imagine that many businesses will charge whatever they can get; That's the benefit of living in a capitalistic society , but there is no reason why you cant window shop at BB, decide what you want, and buy it cheaper online (or anywhere else?).

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