hey I just have a simple opinion about what Palm should do or should have done with the Pre Plus.

Two of the biggest complaints of the Pre are battery life and the speed of the OS.

While the Palm Pre has a 1150Mah battery, which I think is just not enough, a third party company was able to make a 1400Mah battery.

It doesn't require a thicker battery cover, it is the same identical size as the 1150Mah battery.

I bought the battery and can say that it really does help significantly with getting through a whole day on one charge.

Plus I use the 800mhz patch and it definitely helps with the other issue: lag. (I know the risks involved though)

This got me thinking: if a customer like me can solve these problems so easily, why hasn't Palm?

So this is what I propose Palm should have done with the Pre Plus, besides the additional 256MB of RAM:

1)Used a 1400mAH stock battery (clearly its possible) for more battery life.
2)Ramped up the processor to its full 600Mhz potential (800Mhz obviously would be too risky for a company to do) and edited the kernel to allow for both Processor Scaling and Smartflex.

They actually were intended to be used together, but the homebrewed hacks could not make them work simultaneously.


* This allows the Pre to vary the voltage inside the core in response to silicon characteristics, temperature, voltage, etc. This does not save that much power because it is supposed to be used along with CPU scaling to reduce voltage when the CPU is running slower, but the Pre's kernel is missing the modules to do this. This is why using both together will freeze the Palm Pre."

(quote from WebOS Internals)

So to recap, Palm should have or still should up the battery size to 1400mah and the processor to 600mhz with Smartflex and Scaling enabled. It was easy enough for me to do as a dumb hacker. This would qualm any complaints about battery life and lag.

What does everyone think about this? Good idea or bad?