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    Is this out yet?
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    I'm new to the palm pre and coming from the HTC phones where XDA ported OS's to non-supported phones at ease...has anyone tried to doctor a Verizon Pre Plus with Bell's 1.4.1 (which is a pre plus right?) or even Sprints I saw talk in the forum about the code now being split up with 1.4.1, just curious if the images are carrier dependent.
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    The Bell's Pre is not a Pre Plus... just the good old plain Pre. Otherwise, there used to be a trick back in the 1.3.5 days where you could modify the package of the doctor install it on a other carrier device (for example, I was able to doctor my Bell Pre with the 1.3.5 doctor from Sprint after a few modifications).

    This method was not working with 1.4.0 so I don't think it will be easily possible to use any other doctor for a Verizon phone than the official Verizon ones.
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    Ah, sorry. I did a search last night and thought I came across a blog posting that bell had the pre plus.

    Thanks for the info, probably not enough Pre Pluses out there yet to get the right people creating that sort of modification.

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