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    well I know this is off a little bit but I seen on the KENDRA reality show, she for a fact was talkin on speaker phone on a palm pre(sprint)...and the camera man was zoomin in on it ALOT to the point where all you seen was the phone on the maybe palm should start gettin these phones on reality shows showing people using them haha..
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    haha she is sexy by the way..thats one fine blonde....mmm mmm mmmm
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantaffordit View Post
    It's a BB Curve. I have one just like it (and I hate it).

    But he should be interested in the Pre because:

    B) He can "tether" with up to 4 others at the same time.
    C) A quick trip to the doctor will solve any problem
    my favorites...especially ...tethering...nice usage!

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