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    Anyone else experience a much faster Pre after updating? My Pre took forever even after a webdoctor install of 1.4.... Now that I upgraded to it's much snappier.. Things load very quickly, etc....
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    me too. battery life much better and no more luna restarts too :-)
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    not much speed improvement here for me its smoother
    and i am still getting the random restarts here
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    oh and battery life is a little worse for me
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    better speed,better battery here
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    I don't know about others, but my sprint Pre (Aug 09) is snappier, and quicker. I have not had "Too Many Cards" warning since update. I have had 10+ cards open. This past weekend, I had Pandora playing, messaging open in background, while I was playing monopoly, something I couldn't do before. A call came in, everything paused, and I answered, then went back to my game/music seemlessly. It would have been a great commercial!
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    Mine seems faster, but the battery life is still *** since 1.4
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    Ha, have someone filming it next time that happens. We could start a guerrilla marketing campaign with that and the usermade youtube commercial.
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    yep yep!!! runs better, everytime i hit the phone icon it just goes into dial pad, no loading screen! i am a happy camper
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    i love the latest update! it made everything a bit quicker and battery life is a bit better too! too bad its not on Verizon Pre+

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