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    I recently had to exchange my Pre because of a cracked screen.

    since the exchange I have noticed a marked improvement in Battery life...I start with a full charge about 7:00 am everyday.I Use my Pre moderately through out the day (5-10 short to medium length phone calls, some web use , some GPS navigation..50- 75 texts...and some game play- usually video poker..and get honme with about 30% to 35 % left when I get home around 6:00 pm. since the exchange I have been having about 55% to 65% when I get home...same usage..

    the interesting thing is that I have the new Pre set up EXACTLY like the old one. it is stock- no patches or mods.. same settings in every aspect..

    and as they swapped the old battery to the new pre when I exchanged it...

    not sure what to think...but I am definitely not complaining...
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    I find your experience notable even with 30-35% charge remaining after a full day. I'd be happy with that--my usage patterns seem about the same, and since 1.4 my launch-day Pre gave the 20% remaining warning around 3:00pm every day.
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