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    So not sure if it has anything to do with the 1.4.1 update or maybe a confliction with a patch or app. But about once a day my screen will not turn on and the keyboard will not light up but the phone is on as I can here the tones when holding the power button down.

    What is up with this? Is anyone else having this problem or found a fix?
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    I get this issue from time to time as well, in addition to random Luna restarts. I sent a PM to Hardbeatz, a Palm employee. He sent me info on how to get a log file and forward it to Palm. See this thread for more info:
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    For the first time ever, my phone acted somewhat like what you guys are explaining.

    When I went to unlock the screen, all that would happen is the unlock icon would go away signifying that I unlocked it properly, but the main screen would not come back on. I had no icons, nothing. The screen just looked like it was still locked, but the lock icon was gone.

    So a restart of the phone fixed the problem, even though I already restarted it today. i try to restart the Pre once a day or once every two days at least.
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    when it goes blank try pressing the power button 3 times fast that usually works for me

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