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    Hey guys,

    I'm going to take my Sprint Palm Pre with me to Europe on vacation. Not planning on using the phone for voice services or data. Just going to keep it around with me for music, notes, and getting on the Internet when there's WIFI access. I definitely want to preserve my battery as much as possible. So, a few questions:

    1) What's the difference beteween just turning off Data under Phone App preferences, and just turning on Airplane Mode? Will one preserve my battery more or less than the other? I'm guessing with Data off, it just means no Internet, but I'd still be able to make voice calls and send texts, as opposed to Airplane mode, which'll not allow me to any of that unless WIFI is turned on.

    2) I'm also guessing that because text messaging on CDMA goes through voice, even if I have a WIFI connection, I won't be able to receive or send texts?

    3) Should I switch my gmail account fetching to manual (for purposes of preserving battery), or is it a moot point with Data set to off or Airplane Mode turned on?

    4) I noticed that with Airplane mode on, my clock app continued to keep to time accurately and even my alarm went off. With Airplane Mode on, will I be able to rely on my phone's clock?

    5) Finally, do I need to contact Sprint about going abroad if I'm only going to use the phone to get Internet via WIFI?

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    I spend part of the year in France each year and always keep my Sprint Palm Pre in Airplane mode. I have had no battery issues. I use WIFI extensively while in France. SMS will not work nor will your phone. There would be no reason to contact Sprint, however, on a very recent visit to a Sprint store, they told me that as a Sprint Premier customer I could get a second phone at little or no cost which would be a GSM phone and port my Pre number to it while I was abroad and then port my number back to the Pre when I returned to the US. I am going to find out more about this prior to my next visit to France. Its unclear to me if I port the number to a second phone if the wifi and all other features on my Pre would continue to work.
    Hope this info is helpful
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    1) Turning on Flight mode will save your battery since phone would not be looking for mobile networks.

    2) You can't send SMS via WiFi. SMS service is mobile network based.

    3) You can leave it on scheduled intervals and it will do so every time it detects active WiFi. Once there is no 3G/WiFi it doesn't check for new emails.

    4) Clock will work just fine. If you are worried about clock not being accurate after some time please don't. There could be months before you could see the difference in few minutes between adjusted and non adjusted clock.
    Also I am not sure if clock would sync with server over WiFi. I know mobile network is responsible for always accurate date and time.

    5) NO
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    Awesome! Thanks, guys!

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