We signed up with VZW less than 2 weeks ago and bought 2 Pre + for 50.00, the call quality is no good, you hear bits and pieces of a conversation. A call to VZW tech support revealed that both my home and work zip codes have only fair to moderate coverage, VZW submitted a service ticket and called me back within 20 minutes to say I should go back to the provider I came from. WOW, talk about honest and to the point. I appreciated the honesty. The phones we bought the kids LG ( not sure of model ) always sound good and do not break up. I can't wait for ATT to pull the trigger. Id the difference strictly memory and keyboard form pre to pre+ ? I know it's dumb to spend 100.00 more at Sprint for less phone but I really do love the pre. BB user for many years and the pre is much more user friendly only after 1 week of use. Please share your thoughts. Thanks