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    Ok, so I have had my pre now for around 6 months, really love it. WebOS is by fair the best operating system I have used on a smartphone before (before my pre I was an iPhone 3GS user).

    It fits into my life beautifully - calendar app, browser, messaging (with google chat activated its great), facebook beta app is awesome.

    But apart from the built in native apps, I see hardly any useful applications.

    Sure, there are around 800 apps in the GSM catalogue at the moment, but I think its time everyone admitted that they are second rate apps at BEST. There are 4 main problems here:

    1. Quality of App - most of the apps in the store have utterly useless functions, or simply try and re-do or improve a native app - all have failed miserably with terrible user interfaces. Many others are simply e-books that have been made into apps - THESE ARENT APPS...

    2. The apps people do think are quality are mostly simple organiser applications with things like "shopping list" and "workout planner", these most basic apps are SURELY not the best the community can come up with.

    3. App appearance. PROFESSIONAL and SHINY apps are the main feature of apples appstore. 99% of pre apps have TERRIBLY designed interfaces, some not even bothering to make the interface's font match the webOS one. Don't even think I have seen a decent icon for one yet either. If I download an app I don't want it to look like a 15 year old has designed the icon. Simple, but important details.

    4. Pricing. With the advent of the App Catalogue release here in the UK pricing is incredibly ****** up. Anyone that would pay £3.59 for a Whats for Dinner App, which what... oh of course lets you have a shopping list and search for recipes. Its insane.

    This WILL be the downfall of the WebOS. Apps are SO IMPORTANT to the success of new smartphones, any ***** could tell you this. The only thing palm could do is offer cash incentives ... a desperate measure. For me this does not signify a boost in the quality of apps, just a boost in the number of rubbish apps being churned out.

    Perfect example of a useful, well coded, well presented application. Engadget.

    I feel as if the community here encouraging new coders to make apps has had an entirely negative effect. As the app catalogue is so open to any old rubbish that is submitted, it feels as if kids or extremely old men (...old palm users) are coding these terrible apps.

    This is SUCH a shame as the device is incredible. Whack that 800mh patch on and you really do have an iphone beater here palm, but without the apps, it is doomed to fail.
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    Remember kids, user experience trumps everything. Why do you think the iPhone is so successful? Because it has a great user experience (contrary to what many believe here, 20+ million people seem to think differently).
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    I don't see what the problem is here. Get an iPhone, quit your whining, get over it.
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    I've noticed the lack in UI enhancements as well. It seems that most apps do not seem to have any UI enhancements and simply look stock and uunintuitive or creative and yes the iphone has much better looking apps. Apps aren't the hig point of webos yet. However there are a few good apps with good designs (aside from games.) A+ for students is an excellent app, looks good performs well and is the best student planner I've seen on any device. Weather channel app is nice, very nice user interface, but map system sucks, facebook app works well most of the time, but still needs alot of polishing, especially visual. Even thoug functionality wise it's beating android and closer to iphone, stability, smoothness and appearance wise it still needs some work, but is a great effort so far and updating fast. Unfortunately I don't really think any other apps have a good mix of functionality and visual candy. I think (hope) we see much more when the pdk is released.
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    also, I should note the usefullness of the apps varies by user. I was never one of the ones screaming for more apps, I will continue to wait patiently for apps which fulfill a purpose to me and hopefully look equally good doing it.
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    Apps that I use:
    Where: Great for traffic alerts and overall usefulness. I can check movie times, search for places to eat, check the weather (even hourly), read news, and check gas prices around my area. Sorry, but this is very useful, especially since you can add custom traffic routes to be watched for incidents/slowdowns. Although I'm not sure exactly how it works, but it works FAIRLY well..

    Wapedia: Great app when someone asks you a question and you have no idea what the answer is. Also great for the occasional question you want answered.

    Engadget: I'm a huge engadget fan even though they're Apple freaks. They really shine the majority of the time.

    AuctionMate: E-bay just got alot more mobile with this. I can pretty much do anything I can do on the site from my phone. A little show when it refreshes your content, but really nice that I don't have to struggle with the browser.

    Glad That's Not Me: Ok, class get's boring. If you take a look at this app, it's really just a modded version of the news sample app, but who cares. While I can't comment on the free version (they didn't have it when I bought it), it has 11 feeds to keep you busy. Albeit it only shows the recent feed updates instead of the full site's feed. (Which is really annoying when you read them all..)

    Then I have a few games that I play occasionally. Not enough to make them worth what I paid for them, but whatever.

    As much as I can agree with you're argument about not having enough useful apps, I really don't know what to tell you. The phone and it's software is less than a year old. The app catalog will grow, hopefully faster when we get a new confirmed device from Palm, and with the Pre on AT&T. Although we did say that when the Pre moved to Verizon, but whatever.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rexalbel View Post
    also, I should note the usefullness of the apps varies by user. I was never one of the ones screaming for more apps, I will continue to wait patiently for apps which fulfill a purpose to me and hopefully look equally good doing it.

    Sure, I'd like to see more apps, but what primarily sold me the Pre was the fact that the apps that come with the phone in the first place, while modest and not tailored to my needs, are functional, easy to use, easy to migrate to, and useful until something else comes out. What's out already is useful to me, about the only thing I'm begging for is Docs to Go, and I can't blame Palm for that one. In fact, I can't blame Palm for the lack of apps at all. They're not actively rejecting them, developers just aren't doing much. I have to believe they're reading the forums to gauge interest, and TBH, if I were a dev, reading PreCentral most days, I'd be pretty skeptical about putting my time and money into a phone and platform that so many people seem to be unhappy with. If you're looking for perfection right out of the box, and can't stand the iPhone or ATT, there's plenty of WinMo phones with a massive application base, or Android with a faster growing app catalog than Palm's. All up to you how important it is.

    Just my two cents.
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    Can't people just get over the fact that things don't just happen overnight. Palm has done tons of work (and still are)to bring every webOS user the best quality apps they can and let new devs break into developing. Why should all this happen so soon. As long as palm keeps devs interested and keeps getting webOS in as many users hands as possible, things will only get better......time.

    ps, I am happy with what apps I currently have and look forward to many new ones.
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    Not sure what is or isn't in the GSM catalog if there is only 800. I find several useful apps and I am a guy who didn't buy an app until a couple months ago or so.

    Look and feel though, I kind of agree. Plain and simple, more apps need to look and feel like NewsRoom. It is the ideal webOS app right now IMO.
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    I like to have the choice between like 1.000.000 flashlight apps on the iPhone. Ah, damn, I forgot the iPhone doesn't have a real flashlight. Irony intended.

    It's true that I miss some apps that I had on my iPod Touch, but as this is a fairly new device, it takes some time for the apps to get on the market.

    Opening up for the european market of paid apps so late was a bad idea I think.
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    I have to disagree with the op.. The twee app is awesome, as are the teal speed launcher, super contacts, clear card, teal time, teal shop, lunar, congress, express stocks, express horoscope, epocrates, radio time, pandora, most wanted, fandango, sporting news baseball app, foursquare, asian girls, tasty toons, nobama and the cool tip calendar... All awesome apps, keep them coming devs
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    I feel the same about needing more apps, but I know it won't happen over night.

    Everybody wants Palm to be around and some of us feel that app's will help with that.

    The other thing that I have noticed is in the app store is the most of the popular and featured apps are games. I know most of us didnt buy this phone for gaming..
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    I used to think most pre owners were not here for the games too, boy was I mistaken... I myself could care the less for them.... And I do agree we need more serious apps
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    I agree with the OP, It's pretty bad when Derek Kessler can still list the number of new apps on the front page, I can understand 6months, but almost a year later I didn't expect him to be able to count on one hand the number of new apps every 5 days.

    And yes, the polish of WebOS apps are dreadful..they look homebrew with the exception of a few (Wapedia, Engadget, Radio Time, Datpiff etc..).

    ...sigh..I had such high hopes for this ui...worst resources/management
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    What's with the title of this thread? Why did you put stars ("Pre-*******'s Perspective") there? Is that supposed to be a swear word?
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    on this board they censor everything, i think he was trying to write ******? I know that's blocked
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    Quote Originally Posted by Minsc View Post
    What's with the title of this thread? Why did you put stars ("Pre-*******'s Perspective") there? Is that supposed to be a swear word?
    Only a guess, since I can't read it, but he probably put "f a n b o y". Since that term has been somewhat inflammatory on these boards, they've censored it.
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    I agree with a lot of what the OP said. A lot of the apps we see just do not have a UI that makes them easy/fun to use.

    Some that do IMO are:

    MTV News (from what I saw in the screenshots)
    People (again, in the screenshots)
    The Weather Channel

    We also need more variety; how many Quick Contact/Dial apps do we need?
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    Usefulness of Apple App store? I lol'ed.

    How many $0.99 fart apps and counting?
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    for every 1 fart app on the palm app catalog, there are thousands in the apple app store. What you're citing as a fault of the Pre's user experience is actually its strength. When you go into the app catalog you aren't inundated with a over 200,000 apps, you have your pick of a couple thousand. That way you can find what your ideal app while wading through fewer poor knock offs and fart apps. Many developers say they make more money on palm's app catalog due to the fact that people can find it a lot easier than on Android Marketplace and Apple's App Store. If you find Palm's app catalog to be overwhelming I'd suggest using a dumb phone. That way you have your pick from Tetris, or bejeweled. A lot less confusion there.
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