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    Can someone be so kind as to forward me to a link to how I can sync my music to my pre and have the album covers work. I know I saw a thread about this long long time ago. They keep going into my pictures for some reason.

    The music plays with album covers via Windows Media Player.

    I'm using Vista Ultimate btw


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    I know you can hide pictures by appending a "." to the beginning of the folder.


    Other than that, I don't know.

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    1) download media monkey
    2) open whatever mp3s you want to sync in media monkey
    3) right click the mp3 that you want to add album art to.
    4) click on the "auto tag from web" option.
    5) either pick the album art that is suggests, or backspace the search box and pick the album you want.
    6) click apply or ok. and you are done

    This has worked almost flawlessly for me. You can also sync the mp3s to your pre first then tag them with album art using media monkey later. Either way it works awesome.
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    thanks guys, i found an old thread about it, i just downloaded MP3Tag and started working on that now it's displaying correctly, apperently even though I ripped them from my original cd's it wasn't tagging it correctly. lol

    thanks again

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    Media Monkey is the way to go, all of the album art will show correctly and not in your picture albums. Also I noticed a performance gain while using the music app with the syncd music compared to just coping and pasting the mp3s on the device.

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