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    Subject pretty much covers my question. Is there anyway to keep google maps centered on my location while i'm driving down the road?
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    I don't think it keps you centered exactly for that reason. Google warns you not to use it while driving.
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    if you tap on the blue dot on the bottom of the screen when it has a lock that will center the dot up top that represents you and leave it there while the road moves up and down
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    haha I was just typing that and forgot to come back to the card and hit send. I got a phone call lol..
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    haha wow...worked perfectly. Not sure how I missed that function. Thanks for the help
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    and you can use one of the no auto off patches if you want the pre to stay on.
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    ah good call. I found one for no auto off while charging in pre ware, i'll probably go with that one after I get a touchstone linked up in my car.
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    the no auto off while charging doesn't work w/ touchstone (if I remember correctly). I have a TS in my car and use the 'more standby times' patch and set it to 'never' when I want to use google maps in the car. It would be nice if someone could make a patch that tells the Pre NOT to turn off when google maps is running and the phone is on the TS....but I don't think anyone has requested such a patch.
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    There is an app called No-Doze that works great. Just launch and leave the card running and it will never turn off. I use it with Google Maps on my TS in the car all the time.
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    Awesome, i'll have to try these out. Thanks again for the help and tips

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