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    Gameloft Games for Palm Exclusive YouTube channel

    YouTube - gameloftpalm's Channel

    Now there is an exclusive Gamelft Youtube Channel called Gameloftpalm for a search and Highlighted as Gameloft on Palm, where you can watch all the videos demos of the games for webos devices.
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    Dear Gameloft,

    Please start putting out demo's. I just bought tennis and was not happy with the game, I would like to look at more of your games but I'm not giving you money until i can actually try it out first. Watching it on youtube is great but i need to be able to play it and I and others would probably buy your games more. I don't like throwing away 8$ at something I didn't like.

    Since you guys are partners with palm can you work with them to make a controller that the palm pre can click into and you can use it through bluetooth, This would be amazing for playing games for long periods.

    Thank you.
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    good call

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