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    Hey guys, i look on these forums everyday but never really post anything, But today i got a problem. When I scroll through my texts i get reallllyyy bad lag when scrolling threw my text. I delete most of the text. But when i wanna scroll back to the top of the text if just gets really laggy when scrolling up. I dont know if there is something wrong with the phone or it's just me.

    I have tired doctoring and i did a full erase but that didnt fix the problem...

    I have the 800HMz patch installed, However, I dont have anything else but that installed.
    I Have been supporting and donating to you guys.

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    There was a problem with SMS conversations before (1.3), where it was slow, it didn't show all the conversations in the list, etc.

    for me, it went away after 1.3.5 update, but after 1.4.1 it's back...

    not happy about it.

    Anybody knows, where are the SMS conversation stored? I would like to clean it to try if it helps.


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