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    where is the instruction on how to install this ipk patch,does anyone knows?
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    ummmm go to the thread specifically for it. its on the first post.
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    This link is from the website when it was written with a video. The instructions of installing are at the end of how to do it. This helped me alot. The forum post can get confusing imo.
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    do I do it the same way I did the first patch... Destination /var/home/root sh /var/home/root/ then what.
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    The instructions at the links given more than answer your questions.
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    ditto Jay, go to the thread and READ!
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    just watch the first youtube video and it will show you show you step by step what to do
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    ok,got it,was doing it all wrong. It's easy! Download the patch,add the patch to quick install and then install it. Bam!! There it is. Thank you all for your help.

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