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    I have the palm pre on Bell Mobilitly's network.

    Does anyone else find it annoying that you cant tell when a message was sent or received after a few days? eventually the thread clumps entire days together under "monday" or whatever day and after a week, clumps them by weeks, then by months.

    I want to know what day and what time a message was received or sent, it seems kind of important. is there a way to do this?
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    I dont know but I noticed it too and I'd love to have these details as well (Sprint).
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    There are a few patches that will add time and date stamps to text messages.

    Are you familiar with WebOS Quick Install or Preware?
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    There are a few patches out there to add time stamps. You can install via Preware or WebOS Quick Install. My preference for this instance is WebOS Quick Install (for some reason, I like doing patches via my desktop).

    1) Check out
    2) Follow the instructions in the first post to install WebOS Quick Install
    3) After you have WebOS Quick Install up and running, go to Tools -> tweaks -> Online Repository -> scroll down to Timestamps Clean or Timestamps Builtin -> install.

    You can check out to get more info on Preware.
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    The patch I use, available in Preware, is "Timestamps Clean." That and "15px Font" gives me a little more real estate in my Messaging. thorne
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    I don't need to know when texts are sent. Oh yeah I delete them regularly.

    But as someone said there is a patch for that.

    I thought that someone said it was the server (Bell or Sprint) that asked that it not do that. Hmmmmmmmm. Maybe I imagined that.
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    right now though the patches atleast for me haven't been updated in preware. I'm still waiting for aupt to tell me there's an update for my time stamp clean patch.. I hope it comes soon!
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    Thanks noco37, this is what I was looking for. Will try to install when I get home.

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