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    Why do apps insist on storing data within their own directory?

    I recently had to doctor my phone and it upset me that there was no way to extract data from applications so that I could reload that data after I had doctored.

    For me it wasn't saved game data, etc. If was stuff like blood pressure logs from BP Tracker, etc.

    So, my first question is is it possible for applications to store their data in /media/internal (so that it survives a doctor post 1.2.1) and my second question is, if it is possible, why don't apps do it?
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    It is possible, but you still can't access their data. The SDK just gives devs that option in case they plan on storing a lot of data in their database. It still hides the database from the user.

    Your best bet is donating to the Save Restore project ( with the request that they add BP Tracker to the apps that are backed up.

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