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    Running 1.4.1, I simply can't download anything from app catalog. New downloads or updates simply just look like they are starting to download but no progress ever happens.

    I've restarted the phone and deleted all the apps I don't use. I do have some old homebrew apps on there.

    In the My Apps view, there is one entry that looks like it is missing an icon and remains in the "Paused" state, no matter how I try to pause all downloads and delete all paused downloads.

    Please help. Everything else seems to work just fine (phone, browser, other apps).

    Any tips?
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    Thanks for the pointer! I'll follow that thread for a possible solution.
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    I found the solution here:

    I used the Filezilla option of using my wifi to get into my Pre to the
    /var/palm/data/com.palm.appInstallService directory
    Then I deleted the installHistory.db
    press orange + SYM + R to reboot

    The filezilla option of using wifi & ftp is here:

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