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    What is the purpose of the firstuse app? I wasnt too clear from reading the description on webos quick install.
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    It's the Palm Profile sign-in/creation app that launches when you first use your phone.
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    Set the language/country and login/activate your Palm profile.
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    anyone have the apk for this?
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    It's a patch which simply unhides the app already on the Pre.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GuyFromNam View Post
    Pls note the patch by Jack33 (?) only works on US language settings.
    Other locales should edit the respective appinfo.json file to set the app to "visible".
    So it doesn't work with Canadian language settings? Would we have to manually add the "eh?" or the "oh geez", or "you-betcha" info into the appinfo.json file?
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    I'm in Chicago... I was just looking out for our neighbors to the north... until we can build a fence up there that is...

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