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    Hi im a big fan of Palm and im from UAE - Dubai. In order to use a Palm i have to get it on GSM and unlocked preferably Factory unlocked, but my main question now is:

    1st: Should i get a GSM Palm pre factory unlocked now ? or wait for the GSM Palm pre plus factory unlocked which i dont know if it will exist to start with. (What i know is Palm pre plus GSM is coming soon but the fact that factory unlocked availability will exist or not is stopping me from waiting.)

    So dear fans and Palm users please help me out with my issue that is stopping me from getting a Palm pre GSM Factory unlocked now.

    What should i do ?

    2nd: When i get any of these Palms will i face a problem with the App catalog regarding im in a unofficial country ? if so what should i do ?

    3rd: Will i be able to update my Palm pre or plus if i got one (Regarding that my country is unofficial) ? if not What should i do ?
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    1] ~

    2] If you get a Pre that was first activated/used in the UK then according to recent threads on here, you will be able to see UK apps. If the Pre you get was first activated/used in an unofficial country, then you will not be able to see the apps... I'm sure if this is wrong someone will correct me

    3] Yep you'll be able to update your Pre to the latest WebOS regardless of which country you're in. If for some reason it is not possible over the air, you can use WebOS Doctor like many do (OTA sometimes takes a while).
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    Thanks c man ! but lol the problem is ill order it online so i really dont know how someone will activate it for me in the UK, the app catalog kinda confuses me it just has to be activated or i should use a UK no. like for e.g. Vodafone, O2, or European carriers to get the app catalog working ? how does it recognize being activated in UK by the phone line ?
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    Thanks tomi666 ! Ya if i got the Palm Pre GSM factory unlocked for sure ill get it German QWERTZ and factory unlocked, and the price doesnt matter for me if its Factory Unlocked cause ive really been looking for a phone that makes life a bit easier and i believe the Palm does the job, and the fact that it hasnt been locked before makes me happy of getting it cause im used to factory unlocked fones if i need to switch sim cards.

    But the big deal is will there be a similar Palm Pre Plus GSM Factory Unlocked QWERTZ, is it worth waiting for ? or im just not gonna see it anytime soon. i can wait for 1 or 2 months max, but longer than that is a waste of my time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tomi666 View Post
    OK, you're planning on using a Palm device in an unofficial country on a non-partner carrier.

    You will have to learn how to root your Pre, work with Webos QuickInstall, have novacom driver problems, have to learn how to modify the carrier network database, possibly even add new info for your carrier. Your Pre will perhaps develop an oreo effect, get stuck in headset mode, have spontaneous reboots, have a huge battery drain, have lower cell signal than other phones in the same area. Etcetera Etcetera Etcetera

    Who exactly told you this phone will make your life easier.
    Omg really ! all that ? I dont know how to do all that and i didnt even use a palm yet. For real man ? cant i just use it like an iphone or a nokia ? why will it do all that its factory unlocked and in the O2 + International networks thread they say that it is supported by our carrier which is Etisalat


    Provider: Etisalat
    Status: Supported (activation, data + voice) (thanks freakout!)"

    Or that doesnt mean anything ? lol i thank u for warning me and u probably saved me from a big mistake but u sure it will do all that ? lol its a real kick in the stomach to hear that

    Like help me in organizing my appointments and organizing my contacts and the gestures are a big thumbs up once u get used to plus its a touch phone with a keyboard, umm wat else .. ow yeaa multi tasking is a huge plus too.

    Ive used lots and lots of phones like nokia last was n900 and used an iphone which didnt impress me as it did with others, and the n900 is still not ready yet. So its just palm's WebOS and their come bak that impressed me and thought i might try it and see if its really as reviews and many phone websites say. in Cell phone reviews, news and specs - Phone Arena its no.1 in top balanced phones .. So just the fact that its hittin on the market hard grabbed my interest.
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    So what do u think go for the phone or just forget about it ? i really dont have any other fone in mind, but if there are the problems you mentioned which sounds really unstable for a phone that ill use every day then im not getting it. In the other hand if it will work fine everyday with a stable OS (glitches and lags aside), and fine as a phone that i can call and recieve calls, SMS, browse through wifi, use its normal functions, ill sacrifice the app catalog but if it worked well that would be a ++++++++ for me. So simply as a normal phone would it work at my carrier ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by tomi666 View Post
    You should totally trust the O2 + International networks thread if it says it will work on your carrier. As for other problems you may run into, I advise you to just skim through all the different threads on this forum, and realize some of the problems other users encounter may just happen to you as well.
    Alright ill do that and try to find users that are using my carrier also, lol im kinda worried now, but thanks a lot for putting this to my attention .Most problems i encountered are app catalog problems, but ill check too and thanx again.

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