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    I've tried everything - device reset, luna reset, battery out, etc.

    for 5 days now I get "unable to connect" when trying to dl the 1.4.1 update

    on top of that? I can't connect to the App catalog to update/dl apps.

    for example, that new face book app ? download failed.

    in fact, I have 57 down load failed. WHY can't I connect ?

    (yes I can surf the net fine)
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    but I can't update - thats the point of this thread

    for days I've tried but it says "can't connect. try again"

    this thread is intended to help me understand WHY i can't connect when I can surf the net and do everything else.

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    im gonna throw this pre out the g0d damn window

    why can't I d/l updates ?

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