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    I was looking at both these apps, and wondering what you all thought was the better of the two?
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    I only used GeoTask briefly because I didn't like the way it had to be docked in the notification bar to run. To me, it sort of defeats the purpose of a GPS-based reminder if it's always sitting there on your home screen anyways.

    I'm about to hit the end of my trial period on GeoStrings, and I fully intend to make the purchase.
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    I was looking at both these apps, and wondering what you all thought was the better of the two?
    I'm the author of GeoStrings. In addition to watching the demonstration videos I set up on my HedamiSoft youtube channel, the best way to determine if GeoStrings is right for you is to try it out yourself. The free 10-day trial version available in the app catalog is fully-functional (it has all the features found in the paid version). And if you decide to upgrade, you can transfer over to the full version all of your saved locations, reminders, and preferences with a single tap of a button.
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    GeoStrings: Set location-based reminders and never forget another task (video link)

    Twitter: @Hedami
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    I went with Geo strings -- i liked the fact that i could try it and by the time the trial was over i felt that i needed it - in all fairness the main reason i even tried it was because the author of geostrings also did music player remix and that is the best ap on my phone but geostrings shines on its own and is worth the small price.

    try it you'll like it

    but also in all fairness i have never tried geo tasks

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    I bought geostrings. You won't
    be disappointed. It truly runs
    in the background...which makes
    all the difference.
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    Both nice apps, but GeoStrings has far more features and runs far more unobtrusively in the background...not requiring an item to sit in the notification area when running.
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    I've used both. Both great. But geostrings is ahead in the race so far. The ability to run in background alone secures the win for geostrings.

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