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    Is it bad or even dangerous to my phone if I leave the developer mode on?
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    I haven't turned off DEV mode since I began my foray into Homebrew. ha

    From what I understand, the only danger would be if you plugged it into a computer outside of your control... theoretically, someone could run some sort of program on the PC to mess with the Pre.

    As far as I know, DEV mode does NOT make the Pre vunerable to OTA attacks of any kind.
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    to my understanding the dev mode just opens a few ports...

    Now, if you are the sort not to like having open ports then go ahead. Some people view open ports as a glory hole of some sort and try to keep theirs closed. I'm not entirely sure, but its that kind of mentality that keeps us apart.

    Ahh, but then again ... It takes a thief to suspect a thief.

    Up to you man.

    Personally? I think the Pre is only a small blip on the mobile world. It's doubtful that anyone I come into contact with will have some sort of exploit to 'get me' for leaving dev mode open.

    ....I keep dev mode off

    in fact i just booted my phone twice and my comp once wondering why QI wasnt working. I forgot to turn DEV mode back on. This has happened before, too. lol.
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    I've left dev mode on since 1.0.3 and have not turned it off once.

    I doubt anything will happen as someone would need to take your phone, plug it into a computer, use WOSQI, or a linix terminal to install whatever, and if someone knows how to do that, they will know how to turn dev mode on anyways. The chances of that IMO are very slim.

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