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    Is anyone still having the issue of random reset even after the update
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    I never had the random reset with 1.4.0 now with it happens almost once a day.
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    Quote Originally Posted by helidos View Post
    I never had the random reset with 1.4.0 now with it happens almost once a day.
    same for me, when 1.4.0 came out I got it a couple times then it just went away. Now that i am on its back and happens a couple times a day...just curious cause I thought that this was supposed to be fixed with this update
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    yes, about once every day or two
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    It's still happening to a lot of people... here's some info based on some (limited) testing I did:
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    I have been having them (if by random reset, you mean random reboot) since I got the phone. (1.4)

    It seems to happen if I have an app running, then it goes into sleep mode, and I try to press the power button to wake it too quickly....but other times just on the main screen. It always happens when trying to wake from sleep though by pressing the power button.

    What I have found is, that if I suspect it is going to happen, I will leave it a minute, then wake it by sliding it open, don't know if its just me imagining, but it seems to work.
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    I get random resets as well also having problems with the phone app where I missed a couple of calls and once my pre re started when an incoming call came in. As a result I just installed the app preset reset which will re-boot my pre once a day now so we'll see if that helps.
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    3 in the last 2 days, including one just a few minutes ago. Amazing that they released an update that didn't fix the #1 bug. Back to waiting for the next update for a phone that works again...
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    I've had my Pre for about 9 months and never reset itself - at least not when I was looking......
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    Yep still getting them, I didn't expect to fix anything other then remove the nfl application.
  11. xtn
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    Mine does it... Averaging about every other day it seems... Totally random... Always when waking it with the pwer button...
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    It actually hasn't happened to me since dropped. It happened alot before that though.
    I do get TMC error just as often as before also.
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    At least twice a day, since 1.4...very annoying. Almost annoying to dump the phone and go to window..nope not that annoying :P
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    Just happened for the first time with Happened a lot under 1.4
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    Still happening with me...
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    It almost makes Luna Manager redundant!
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    I get it regardless if I have any apps running or not.

    It will happen when I wake it from sleep by hitting the power button, center button, space bar, doesn't matter, I get many resets a day (averaging around 6-8).

    I was hoping also that would have fixed it but it seems to be just as bad as 1.4.0 Totally unacceptable.
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    Man... glad to see people with this. I probably reset 5-6 times a day, at least. Most times its a power on reboot, but I get plenty of failsauce just randomly as well.

    Fairly close to going back to if I can get my hands on the doctor version... I don't care about the video camera enough to put up with this.
    Just waiting for the day my Pre has contacts grouping, and a "speed dial" for text messaging
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    If you are still experiencing random reboots after installing webOS version 1.4.1.x. We would like to collect some log files from devices experiencing this issue to find out what could be causing it. If you are interested in providing a log file please send me a private message.

    Be prepared to also include this information.

    1. Device
    2. Carrier
    3. What you was doing when the reboot happened (e.g. Opening app catalog, or nothing)
    4. Can you tie the reboot to a certain action or is it completely random (e.g. random, or everytime I go to the app catalog)
    5. Previous webOS version
    6. How did you update (e.g via doctor or OTA)
    7. Patches that are installed (we don't believe patches are the reason for the reboot, we just like to know what's on there)
    Ex HP webOS Tech Support

    5Ts: Five ways to get your webOS tablet working again:

    6Ts: Six ways to get your webOS phone working again:
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