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    I have been having problems since installing the update. I have a launch day pre and mytether is the only non stock app I (try) to use. Call quality was fine with 1.4 however 1.4 did bring the volume ringer problem for me. Now the pre itself is horribly slow all of the time, and whenever I try to make a call or receive a call, the audio is popping and crackling, and I don't even hear the ringing. All of a sudden there is just someone waiting for me on the other end who can't hear me. It's frankly unusable. Also, I had a problem come up with my bluant bluetooth speakerphone since the update. It works some of the time, but will randomly switch to wired headset mode and then back to Speaker Phone, and then back to the bluetooth.

    I figured perhaps it was time for the doctor. I can't even get that to work. When I start the doctor it says battery charging (on a full battery) and then after a couple minutes of staying at 0% it says phone disconnected.

    Anyone with any ideas?
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    I have a similar problem with making calls on my launch day Pre-- when I make a call, all I hear is crackling. I don't even get to a point where I can hear another person. This is whether I use the earpiece or the speaker. However, all of the other audio on my Pre is totally fine. In fact, everything else works beautifully-- I just can't make or receive calls.

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