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    I felt once, the changes on the way the people will make about abandoning the basic features phones around the world, for a new, decent, upgraded operating system that could go with the internet social media handling, storage information, all on the cloud, of this times.

    Maybe 2 months ago, when I wrote the first sketch ideas of this happening event, the world would say then, this guy is a crazy man.

    But now after seeing Verizon a US carrier of two Palm webos devices , to push the idea of using those devices to the users of dumb basic features phones. I know now that the world has really changed the way to interact with the information, and it is now the time to go this way.

    Do I still crazy?
    I see the next future in a couple of months going to that direction. Every smartphone manufacturer will try to get those customers to them. A worldwide ad campaign is about to start focusing in how is our daily life today on the internet and joining this actually event to the use of a start smartphone device.

    And the Pixi Plus webos is not the exception. It is the new standard starting smartphone device for the world. Doing things now that no other smartphone can do. Multitask fast and easy and giving us a wave launcher shortcut in between, notifications and…….. many more helpful features. In a smooth way.

    It is not about how many applicatiosn are on the AppCatalog or store, because any developer can make their application for any OS, as well, but not the way it runs on a Palm WebOS device.

    An advertising guy from Europe has made a significant capture spot ad of webos, for a contest. The people of the wideworld stopped in time to saw the ad. Now with around 192.250 views on youtube.

    That is truly significant. Don´t you think?

    The voting on March Smart Phone Madness these past months giving to the Palm webos Pre Plus the champion title over 14 advanced Smartphones brands devices competitors of the world, gave to webos its credits.

    I see the world making a reflection in this very moment. And making the corrections in the right direction with Palm webos that keeps moving forward.

    Do I still crazy? But not a dreamer anymore.
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    "do I still crazy?"

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    "do I still crazy?"

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    "do I still crazy?"


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