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    I apologize if there is already a thread for this topic but I was unable to find it. If there is please re-direct me there so I can post this properly, Thanks!

    I work at a company where I communicate with Japanese speaking associates and customers. (Auto supplier for Ford, Honda)
    I have been taking Japanese language classes for a couple of years. I love my Palm Pre (love WebOs) I often get work e-mails in Japanese characters (fonts) and WebOs works great for displaying these characters and I can read them fine. My dilemma is that I cannot return the e-mails in the Japanese font, I need to revert back to when I started taking the language classes and type in romanji (Japanese characters using English letters)

    Is there a patch, app or something out there or in the works that will allow me to type with Japanese characters? There are add-ons for Windows / office that allow me to do this on my computer but when out and about I would like to respond to the e-mails without needing to wait until I'm in the office or at home. Sorry for the long post and I would appreciate any helpful reply's Thank You!
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    not that i know offffff. might be possible though with an app lol
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    you could try one of the many online japanese keyboards and then copy and paste the msg into email. Not ideal, but may help in dire situations. You could also try the Translate app from the app catalog and type english and have it translate it and then copy and paste that.
    hope that helps
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    A developer in CHina (jeffery) create a app for Chinese input.

    it's easy to get Japanese input on Pre just change the db and keyboard map .

    But I'm sorry we don't know much about Japanese.
    you can get more information via
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    I use the My Home Keyboard app to type in Klingon.
    You might look into it and see if it will fit your needs.

    webOS Developer
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    Jefferycn is working on it:

    Just feel my simple life… JustInput
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    the first version for Japanese input released already by Jafferycn
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    Check my sig for my thread that I started about this. Currently JustinputJP lacks katakana support. Myself and a Japanese developer have advised him about this and are waiting to see if he will implement this.

    Apparently my sig doesn't show when I do a post from mobile site.
    Here is the link
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    I reward the development of a complete Japanse IME and Keyboard as in Windows already existent with 100$ as well the person who develops shall have the rights to licence it further.

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