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    I was using my Pre today at work, with the LED Torch homebrew app and Morestocks running while on a bluetooth call with wifi on. Anyway, I thought I had some time to kill so I opened some links off of morestocks (3 browser cards). While waiting for the cards to load my coworker gets back on the phone (I was on hold) and we begin talking again. Just then, my phone reboots - but I don't drop the call or lose the flashlight! I'm really not sure how this happened at all, but I continued my conversation over bluetooth while using the flashlight for about 2 more minutes while the phone fully reset. It came back up to the PIN unlock screen without the call dropping at all. I even ended the call through the headset's button before unlocking the screen. At first I thought it was a Luna reset, but it seemed to take a while and I had the pulsing Palm logo.

    How's that for multitasking? Not bad when you can soft reset and talk at the same time!

    ...but for real. how did this happen?!
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    Luna reset. Phone app ties into the hardware, if a Luna reset happens some services continue to run. You just lose the GUI (mostly).
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    Thanks. I thought it was a Luna reset, but I also thought I remembered the radio resetting when that happened?

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