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    I had teh same problem - guy told me that Pre could not multi-task or run app LOL Glad I did my homework first!
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    Quote Originally Posted by ktessner View Post
    Palm's been paid, but app sales and word of mouth would definitely still help Palm...
    Yes, that's true, of course. And once the inventory is cleared out it (potentially) opens the door for more sales for Palm. There's a window here for sales to meet a critical mass, particularly with all of the carriers that webOS will be running on in the next few months.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wynand32 View Post
    First, of course, I agree that it's a good news/bad news scenario. Ultimately, the more webOS devices out there, the better, no matter how they're sold.

    But, that does raise a question that I've had: didn't Verizon (and other carriers) already pay Palm for the excess inventory that's been the subject of so much discussion? It's my understanding that this is why Palm's revenues were a bit higher than expected in Q3, and will be lower than expected in Q4... So, this doesn't mean more revenue for Palm, and it's just recouping money already spent for Verizon, correct?
    I've been out of the retail biz for a long time now, but there were very few items that we bought that didn't have some "return agreement". Some things we also ordered, then paid for as they sold.

    I don't know what agreements phone co's work out, but bottom line pretty much remains the same.

    Unless Verizon is dropping the Pre, units moved off the shelf is good for Palm. It increases demands, and eventually (as I said, unless Verizon drops them), Verizon replaces them with other phones.
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