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    I just installed the Temperature Warning patch by Jason Robitaille this morning and I've been getting temperature warnings all day. Every day at work, I put my Pre on the Touchstone and use it for audio streaming. I've been doing that since I got it back in August and always noticed that it got a bit hot, but I never knew until now that I've been in the "danger zone", i guess you would say. Does it seem normal for my Pre to be "dangerously hot" all day from audio streaming, or do I have a defective unit?
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    all 6 pre's and every other smartphone i've had so far has gotten very hot while streaming audio for extended periods same for any type of data streaming/browsing
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    While it's probably not good for it to be like that, that's something you just can't help. It's just common sense though to keep it cool when you have the chance. Don't go putting it on your front dash in the car when you could put it in the shade.

    Just don't be surprised if your phone melts though either.

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    Are you overclocking, or did you just install the patch out of curiosity? If your CPU is running at stock speed, you should be fine. Are you only hitting 45, or have you hit 50 too?
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    I'm running stock speeds and before I updated to 1.4 it got too hot for me to hold even when idleing. Now that I updated the temps are around 105 to 110F, is that normal...
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    that's warm but no too warm. 113f is 45c
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    I'm overclocking mine and I use the 2600 extended battery.
    I was good for a while but the last 3 days I've gotten the warnings a couple times a day.

    This happens when I'm on multiple phone calls in a row.

    I think I'm gonna uninstall the 800 patch.


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