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    So i thought i was crazy but i know for a fact that the pre has something going on with it that causes it to hang up by itself. Mind you, this has happened on several different pres (i am on my third and have not complained in a post yet). Has anyone else had this issue?

    Here are the scenarios where it occurs. Obviously this does not happen all the time, but enough for me to notice it:

    1. Sometimes while checking voice mail
    2. Several calls come in at once.

    So all of a sudden i'll be going through my voicemail or trying to field all my calls and then i'll hear the hang up beep and see that the phone has hung up.

    I don't have the phone patched heavily, no 800mhz. Flashlight patch and mytether are the biggest items i have on my phone.

    In all honesty, i have been with palm since the treo 650 and have always been happy but the pre is just not what i thought it would be. Its got a great OS but it lags and the build quality is cheap. I should not have to patch it to 8000mhz to make the phone move the way everyone expected in to move in the first place.

    Unless palm comes out with a new piece of hardware, here is my game plan: try the HTC EVO 4g and then if that fails, iphone HD.
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    Sounds more like dropped calls which would be more of a network issue. If the Pre was having an issue, it would give you a "signal faded" message if it was on that end.

    How many calls are you trying to answer at once? If you're connected to voicemail, you can only get one more call. I'm not sure I follow you when you say "several calls at once."
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    Mine has never hung up on me and I've only dropped 3 calls (and that is behind a large hill) - I'm with Sprint. DH's Verizon hasn't ever dropped a call since he got it (2 months old) and never hung up on him.
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    If the Pre thinks your conversation is done, your conversation is done. Ok?
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    Im telling you right now that it is not dropped calls. It happens too often and in sopts where i typically dont drop calls.
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    actually ive had this happen when ive held my phone a certain way that causes the sensor in the face of the phone to lose contact with my face so it comes back on while im talking and my face touches the hang up button lol i would bet this really could be your problem since its happening on more than one phone
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    I have had mine since June (same one) and never have had this problem with dropping calls.
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    Also, if you have your phone set on speaker, and then forget and hold it up to your face and your cheek can accidentally hit the "end call" button.

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