So, after seeing it again on the PreCentral homepage, I installed SPB TV, and tinkered for a while. I had one feed that seemed to hang, and I couldn't get my Pre to respond, nor did it self-reboot, so I took out the battery and reset the device.

Low and behold, when it finally loaded to the homescreen, I'm greeted by the default wall paper. Uh oh, only default apps installed as well. Crap. Funny thing was, a couple of the device menu patches I had installed were still there. So I reset (Orange+Sym+R) and waited another 5 minutes (one of my only persisting complaints about the Pre). OK, apps back, patches back, but none of my app data (bookmarks, high scores, notes, account settings) were there. Reset again, and no change.

So a few questions:

What the heck happened? (Info wise, Sprint Pre, lots of patches, lots of apps, had 600MHz IPK installed, but didn't hit the 45C mark before it locked up)

Is there any way to get App Info back? (Had some good notes in Fliq Notes, high scores in Desteroids, Dr. Podder Feeds...etc.)

If not, I might consider Doctoring just for good measure, since I haven't had to do it yet. Which brings me to:

Is there any difference in the end result between a hard reset and a Dr?

How much does Backup restore? (all my apps from the app store? any other meta-data?)

Any other things to consider?