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    can anyone tell me how to get the mobile hotspot app I'm on sprint....
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    sprint does not currently offer mobile hotspot. Only verizon's pre plus offers it.

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    no, there is a way to get it on sprint, i'm not exactly sure how, but it is possible
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    search the forums.. the mobile hotspot works just fine on sprint. i got it working on Sat following instructions in another thread. sorry I don't have the link right now.
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    there's a thread for that
    Back to your bridge evil troll you have no powers here.
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    yea I thought there was a way to do it but didint know how.
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    Use that link above, works great.
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    re: AUTH ERROR - Your service account does not allow internet connection sharing. Contact Sprint for help.

    The other thread seemed to imply turning off BLUETOOTH and WIFI and trying it again. I can understand turning off BLUETOOTH when doing this but WIFI? Isn't that the whole idea, you are WIFI'ing from your Laptop to the PRE and then out? Or does the MOBILE HOTSPOT make it's own WIFI connection so turning off.

    ANSWER: OK, I actually just tried this to I guess ANSWER my own question. I turned off Bluetooth and WIFI. Started up MOBILE HOTSPOT and connected with my friends iPhone with Airplane Mode on and WIFI turned on and PRESTO and worked just fine.
    Thanks to ALL!!!
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    I don't understand how you got past typing this subject line. As soon as you type it in, the forum literally shows you the plethora of preexisting threads on the topic. If you didn't notice it, tip for the future. If you're too lazy to search, the forum will do it for you when you type in the subject line of your new thread.
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    What do you think the chances will be that sprint will step it up and match verizon and offer this? This is a HUGE thing to push sales. I recall though once reading Sprint official had once stated it would never offer hotspot ever for the Pre? Maybe they'll change their minds since they're all about "everything"

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