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    i kinda agree, I mean the iphone 3gs and pre both have the same processor and amount of ram, but the 3gs is more responsive. Stronger hardware will cure alot of that sluggishness (the added ram has already cured the too many cards error). As for apple announcing iphone os4 this week, I think this gives palm a golden opportunity if it can play its cards right, by announcing and releasing a superior product after the announcement but before the release of the next iphone, as long as they can truly give a compelling reason get their phone instead of waiting for iphone 4.
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    i actually like the design of the pre. its my second choice for a phone. a treo with a 3.1" screen would be my first. I haven't used a pre plus much. but the sprint pre is garbage (at least until they get rid of that too many cards error). Thats ridiculous for a flagship device. And please stop the palm is a small company excuses. The market doesn't give you more points for being a small company. Palm's going to rise or fall based on their products or lack there of, not on how big are small they are. I'm on at&t and I've been waiting over a year for the pre. I just hope they bring the heat and not the same old cold dish.
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    i think once the os is graphical accelerated all will be smooth.
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    If android had a touchstone and a better browser I'd be all over that.

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    I haven't had too many cards for months. I have a Sprint Pre & do use 3d games
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