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    I have had my pre plus for just a month. I ran it without patches for the first week until i discovered preware and the patches. it was not a lot of patches, battery percent, bookmark icon, fb chat to name a few, there were less than 10 i think...

    anyway, i also had mytether which worked really well and also the famous 800mhz patch!

    i doctored my pre because i cannot make mobile hotspot work, thinking that mytether had some settings configured that interfered with MHS.

    anyway, my point is, now that i am running my pre plus like a "virgin" (without patches and preware) i think it is snappier than when i had it new. of course it is still faster with the 800mhz patch without a doubt! but i think i can live with it now...

    I never got the too many cards error to begin with ever since i had the pre and the battery life seems to be a lot better.

    so you guys think that the webOS version from palm (for the doctor) is much more stable with the webOS that came with the phone when it shipped?

    anyone else with their observation?
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    if and when i get the 1.4.1 update from verizon, i think i will wait for the doctor to be available in

    anyone think this is an insane idea?
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    I just want Verrrizon to catch up already...

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