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    Just thinking out loud here... I know Verizon has previously been late(r) in releasing the 1.4 update to the Pre Plus and many, including myself, are wondering what the hold up is. I just wonder if the hold up is because of the new NFL app they may be releasing? Didn't Verizon snatch this up from Sprint?
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    I think the hold up is more likely to fix the serious problems with double key entry and GPS locking.
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    That would be nice, if they could fix those two things...especially the double typing. I've tried the "turn off pre+, press all the keys at least 10 times each, run finger across key rows..." thing and still have double letters.
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    Well, I just hope they fix these items. It will be frustrating to find out that nothing is different from other vendor releases....
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    I have 4 main issues I hope they address:

    1) double key entry
    2) random resets (though that could be the result of loose battery connection?)
    3) camera/camcorder app freezeups
    4) GPS issue

    Man, if they fixed those my Pre+ would be perfect. And if I could KNOW that those things were being fixed in this update, I'd wait a couple of MONTHS for it.
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    Google and Apple are going to take the market. They have the money to put an end to WebOs. I'm surprised one of them just don't buy them out.
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    Only issue I have left is the damn GPS. This new Pre Plus I got solved the crazy keyboard problem. It won't lock unless I have damn VZ Navigator open, it's very annoying.
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    #8 fixed double typing for me (non Plus model).

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